The 4C’s:Commitment

When considering the 4C’s of sports psychology the easiest to understand but perhaps the most difficult to develop is commitment. Ones dedication to athletic competition is very much innate. Most likely an athlete is devoted or they are not. However as a coach or an athlete one can cultivate a stronger level of commitment by increasing the level of intrigue. This can be achieved through the setting of goals. Often the result of not having objectives leads to complacency and to the athlete becoming bored with the sport or competition. The athlete should have both short term and long term goals to help keep them inspired and not allow their focus or level of commitment to wane.

Commitment-Ones continued effort towards a consistent goal.

The commitment of the athlete is something which can be effected by certain circumstances both inside and outside the sporting arena. Such issues which challenge ones enthusiasm are:

  • Injury to the athlete
  • Not agreeing with the game plan or objectives of the coaches/teammates
  • Teammates lacking commitment
  • Not performing well
  • Not enjoying the competition or sport any longer
  • Outside distractions (friends, family, jobs, or school work)

For the reasons above it is imperative that the athlete find new challenges and sets additional goals which constantly allow the inner “Drive” to remain strong. An enthusiastic athlete needs to incessantly perform self evaluation to make sure their goals are being met and new loftier, yet reasonable ones are being developed. If these goals are not met one needs to assess their performance and decide what they can do to allow themselves to achieve these objectives.

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