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Sam Patierno
Strength and Fitness
Personal Training
(978) 501-2681

Experience That Matters

"Right from the beginning we enjoyed working out with Sam. Besides being extremely knowledgeable about what type of training is suitable for each of us, he finds a way to make the sessions varied and actually enjoyable..."
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"Sam is a natural motivator, not only during workouts, but also between sessions, developing routines for me to use at home and when I am traveling...”
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Sam's Column

This month, Sam discusses recovery from training.

"You must work and train hard but must also plan recovery sessions. You will then reduce the risk of injuries and also reduce the risk of over training and burn out. Your coaches will provide recovery sessions and guide you in your recovery phases. When you train on your own then your recovery sessions should take place the next day. Record the recovery session in your training log..."
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