When my mother first suggested Sam to me as a trainer, I was a small, asthmatic, high school freshman with a case of scoliosis to boot. Looking back as I enter my senior year, Sam has built me a comprehensive training routine to account for my asthma and back problems as well as meet my lifting goals. His versatility and wisdom as a training guru is evident in that he has managed to strengthen --without injury-- my body as well as my aging mother’s. Beyond standard workouts, Sam has steered me towards a healthier diet, his advice aided by his addiction to fitness books, articles and seminars. Honestly, the only negative side effect of Sam’s work is the frequency of people mistaking me for a football player or wrestler.

Perhaps one of Sam’s greatest strengths is to inspire his clients through meticulous and kindly instruction rather than employing a coercive or impatient method which I find many incompetent trainers or coaches employ. Although I’m normally very shy around people with whom I am meeting for the first time, I found Sam approachable and enthusiastic from my first training session to my latest.

Over the years Sam has transformed from family trainer to family friend. His dependability and fun-loving nature make workouts with him less like a chore and more like a fun activity to look forward to. I can safely say that I feel privileged to have met and trained with Sam Patierno, and would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone.

-- Peter Niemczyk

We met Sam Patierno about two years ago and we started taking training sessions from him not knowing what to expect. Right from the beginning we enjoyed working out with Sam. Besides being extremely knowledgeable about what type of training is suitable to each one of us, he finds a way to make the sessions varied and actually enjoyable.

Since then, my wife Suzanne has daily workouts with Sam and I get two to three per week. Sam tries to accommodate our busy schedule along with his other clients' needs. He's very responsive and dependable.

Over the past summer, Sam also trained our son so he would be in perfect shape for the beginning of his college football season. It paid off for our son. We are very satisfied with Sam and we continue to use his services to this day. Even when we are away on travel, Sam will create a personalized training workout schedule for us to do on our own. He's very attentive to his clients.

Our family would recommend him to anyone who desires to lose a few pounds, get in better shape, tone up their muscles or even to get in peak athletic shape, as our son did. My wife Suzanne can attest to it. She's in the best shape of her life since she started working out with Sam. We hope to continue with him for a long time and hope that you will be lucky to train with him as well.

-- Louis and Suzanne Poulin

Sam Patierno has been my trainer for more than two years. I knew I wanted to work with him as soon as we met.

Sam is an extremely likeable person and immediately shows you that he is interested in you. He focused on my goals and needs from the start and was anxious to develop a training plan genuinely tailored to my situation. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, which has led to a variety of complications, including range of motion restrictions and large swings in blood sugar. Not only has Sam developed a training approach that increases fitness in spite of these restrictions, but he has been able to adapt easily to significant changes in my ability to deal with exercise from one session to the next.

Training can become boring with repetition, but Sam has managed to vary the routine and make the sessions fresh and enjoyable. He is a natural motivator, not only during workouts, but also between sessions, developing routines for me to use at home and when I am traveling. He's constantly reading up on new fitness techniques and special approaches to exercise for diabetics.

Beyond his dedication and knowledge, I have found Sam to be very bright and interesting, a pleasure to talk to about many topics. In addition, he is scrupulously honest, organized and disciplined. All of these qualities make Sam a pleasure to train with and to know.

-- Andrew C. Merryman

We have been working with Sam Patierno for 2 years now. We hired Sam to help us get in shape for our wedding. It was originally to be a 3 month effort. But, after we came back from our honeymoon, we realized that we looked forward to the workouts with Sam and decided to continue them. He pushed us past what we would do by ourselves, all while maintaining our interest and creating an enjoyable, disciplined environment.

Sam is very knowledgeable and serious about his profession. In these 2 years, he has managed to keep our workout sessions fresh and interesting. He has come up with different exercises and combinations benefiting both our physical shape and mental attitudes. When Anne injured her elbow at work, Sam altered the exercise routine to help her stay in shape while the injury healed.

Sam is a hard working, focused individual - he holds 2 jobs, goes to school, and finds time to study in between. We can set our clocks by the fact that he is at our home 3 days a week at 6:00 AM, rain or shine, even during school vacations.

In the many hours we have spent with Sam we have learned a lot about how he deals with people and situations. He has the unique ability to work with many types of people, disarming even the most difficult with humor and charm. He is well respected by his peers, clients and managers.

Sam's knowledge, work ethic and enthusiasm would make him a valuable asset to any organization.

-- Jeffrey Hill and Anne L. Meyer